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Why Work With Me

I’m hybrid

I can work remotely and stay out of your way, I can work onsite at your location, or I can do both if that’s what is needed to get your database issue resolved. I am a combination of database administrator, system administrator, cloud architect, and all out IT enthusiast – so when you hire me for any database project you get the benefit of all my experience.

I speak geek and I can translate it as well

I work closely with senior members of engineering teams, as well as with senior executives, which enables me to translate from geek to business-speak and back again – and to understand both perspectives. I’ve been told this is one of my biggest asset, and it certainly comes in handy on nearly all projects.

It’s not my first time on the rodeo

Over the years, I have done everything from high availability solutions, disaster recovery implementations, database migration, patches and upgrades, database cloud deployments, systems integration, business intelligence and enterprise data warehouse, database security – to less technical work such as writing database SOP’s, and training database administrators.

I have worked with small teams, large teams, cross-departmental groups and even served as Oracle subject matter expert (SME) for external vendors. While this makes it hard for me to narrow things down to one area of expertise, the benefit is that I understand the concerns of the your business and IT folks, and I can help bridge that gap.

What this means for you …

The net effect of such a wide range of experience is that I have been exposed to most kinds of database issues (cloud, on premise, modernization, etc), have gained a solid understanding of what it takes to successfully deploy and manage database systems , and can adapt to fit most Oracle database project needs.

Through all this, my underlying approach to every situation is very simple:

  • Understand what you’re trying to achieve, and in what context
  • Draw on my experience to cherry-pick the best method of delivering this
  • Put together a plan of how to do it, measure it and analyse it
  • Execute the plan effectively and efficiently

I do this with enthusiasm and open communication.