Faster Run-Time In Oracle 12c Data Pump Import

I remember when Data Pump was introduced in Oracle 10g database; it was ground-breaking at that time with all the cool features such as the ability to pause and resume an operation or even export/import an entire tablespace. Well if you thought that was exciting then hold on to your seat for what you are about to hear. Oracle 12c database allows you to suppress the generation of redo during a Data Pump import. 

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OBIEE Pre-req Check Failure on OEL 5.11

Did I Just Hit a Bug

A client recently asked me to provision Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 5.11 in their pre-prod environment. Even though this was my first time provisioning OBIEE on this specific version of the OS, I was still very confident that it would be a fairly easy deployment since I had recently deployed the same version of OBIEE on RHEL.

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Install Oracle VM Server 2.0 on Exalytics X4-4

This blog will guide you through the process of installing Oracle VM Server (OVS) 2.0 on Exalytics X4-4. Once this step is completed, you can install Oracle VM Manager. The Oracle VM Server (OVS) is a managed virtualization environment providing a lightweight, secure, server platform which runs virtual machines, also known as domains. At least one Oracle VM Server is required, but several are needed to take advantage of clustering. Oracle VM Server is installed on a bare metal computer, and contains the Oracle VM Agent to manage communication with Oracle VM Manager. This article assumes that the Exalytics machine is setup and ILOM IP addresses are configured

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