high availability (HA)

Keeping Your Database Up To PAR Isn’t Enough In 2019

Ensuring the database is up to PAR (Performance, Availability, Recoverability) has long been the focus of database administrators everywhere. Although this is still true, it is no longer an accurate depiction of the full scope of a DBA’s responsibilities. Modern businesses operate as online data driven machines. The demand and value placed on data, coupled with the current cyber security concerns means that database administrators have to redefine their focus. This blog is intended for DBA’s looking to a add value in a modern IT world. I will mention technology implementations specific to Oracle databases, however the concepts mentioned in this blog post are applicable to any database platform.

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Flashback An Oracle Data Guard Database

Logical mistake, end of testing cycle, need to rollback database to a previous state? RMAN restore can help, however there’s an easier way: we can address these scenarios with the Flashback technique. In the case of a standalone Oracle database, there is nothing special to take into account when performing flashback. However, performing flashback of a Data Guard environment needs special treatment of the Standby Database to ensure data consistency. This article will show you how to do that:

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