Career advice for technology professionals

Apparently Public Speaking Is My Thing

I’ve always enjoyed helping people achieve their career goals –  it’s actually one of my life’s mission. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn alot throughout my years working as an IT professional and people want to learn from my experience. Believe it or not, it did not sink in that public speaking would be a great way for me to provide value by combining my passion for career coaching and my technology expertise.

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Keeping Your Database Up To PAR Isn’t Enough In 2019

Ensuring the database is up to PAR (Performance, Availability, Recoverability) has long been the focus of database administrators everywhere. Although this is still true, it is no longer an accurate depiction of the full scope of a DBA’s responsibilities. Modern businesses operate as online data driven machines. The demand and value placed on data, coupled with the current cyber security concerns means that database administrators have to redefine their focus. This blog is intended for DBA’s looking to a add value in a modern IT world. I will mention technology implementations specific to Oracle databases, however the concepts mentioned in this blog post are applicable to any database platform.

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How The Whole Blogging Thing Is Working Out For Me, Year 3

Why I Started Writing Blogs

In July 2016, I wrote my first blog on Earlier that year  (June 2016), I made a big career decision to jump into independent consulting. I faced alot of challenges, mainly how to secure my first customer and how to market my capabilities. After months of hard work, I eventually landed my first project, however I was still unclear about how to promote my services. Fast forward a few months later, I figured the best way to market my capabilities was to establish my online brand and provide value to my online audience.

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How to Add Value On Every Project

IT Consulting can be challenging, especially when you find yourself struggling to show your value in a multi-vendor consulting engagement. Most companies rely on different consulting firms and contractors in order to achieve their technology goals. Although this can be very beneficial to the company, it can also be difficult and chaotic for the consultants. Embracing the chaos is a must-have characteristic for an IT consultant, followed by these three simple rules on how to provide value.

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Avoid Office Politics

Skip The Office Drama And Focus On Your Skills

At some point in your career you are going to deal with combative co-workers or manipulative supervisors. These two types of people are your usual suspects in a toxic environment – an environment filled with office drama, power struggles, distrust, and alot of hallway gossip. Surviving in a toxic work environment, at least until you find your exist strategy, will require alot of discipline and patience. The advice and recommendations in this blog are based on the realities of overcoming a horrible work environment. 

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Soft Skill Tips To Help You Grow Your IT Career

Alot of junior IT professionals make the assumption that their talents alone will get them far in the tech workforce. Sorry to be  the bearer of bad news, but your talent is meaningless in the tech workforce. There are several things that you should do inorder to succeed and continue to grow your IT career, however all of them can be summed up in two simple categories (technical skills and soft skills). Technical skills are self explanatory: simply stated, master your craft and obtain certs/credentials to showcase your IT knowledge.  This blog will cover the  steps/actions needed to improve your soft skills.

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You Need More Than Talent

I’ve had the opportunity to work along side a wide range of personalities. Some of these personalities have left a lasting impression on me and I’ve always wondered why. More importantly I wonder why some of the people I’ve met in my professional career have succeeded whiles others failed or stayed stagnant.  I’ve finally reached my own conclusion. Successful IT professionals find ways to turn their talents into valuable skills.

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