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Oracle Database Gateway 19c Deployment for SQL Server

I recently worked on a project to cross-platform migrate an Oracle database to SQL Server. There was a last minute dilemma in this project – the environment also leveraged an in-house application built on Oracle APEX (Application Express), which meant that in-house application cannot run on SQL SERVER. This application was essential to certain functionalities within the finance department and could not be retired, neither could we afford (development time + cost) to build an entirely new in-house application. I came up with the solution to implement Oracle Database Gateways to address the needs of such disparate data access.

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What I’ve Learned About Sales.

Working as an independent IT consultant requires wearing multiple hats – technologist, marketing, legal, accounting, and sales just to name a few. Obviously, most of these roles can be outsourced, however there are certain responsibilities that should not be outsourced – sales is one of them. Here are my top 5 lessons learned about selling my consulting services.

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Change WordPress Admin Login URL

I’m long overdue for improving my WordPress website security. With that said, I’m embarking on a journey to enhance my site security. Security implementation #1 is to protect my site against brute force attack . A brute force attack is when a hacker attempts to try various permutations and combinations of usernames and passwords to get inside of your WordPress blog. All WordPress websites have a common admin URL in the form of Knowing this common URL makes it easy for a hacker to get started with brute force attack. Ok, enough blabbing … let’s get to work (follow my Github project for securing WordPress to see new implementations)

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Configuring Ansible To Manage A Windows Host Using WinRM

I recently setup Ansible to communicate with a Windows host. Unlike NIX-based hosts (Linux/Unix), which use SSH by default, Windows hosts are not a good fit for SSH configuration with Ansible. As per the Ansible documentation, “use this (SSH with Windows) feature at your own risk! Using SSH with Windows is experimental, the implementation may make backwards incompatible changes in feature releases. The server side components can be unreliable depending on the version that is installed”. So instead, I choose the WinRM setup. Here’s how I did it.

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Should I Charge My Friends Consultation Fees ?

I’ve written extensively on what it means to be an IT consultant – it boils down to getting paid for your technology services rendered. This means that the act of providing consulting services without getting paid is inconsistent with the nature of being a consultant. On the other hand, part of being a friend means that you give freely – without expecting anything in return. It seems like being a consultant and a friend can never co-exist. This statement is absolutely false, and here’s how I came to terms with helping my friends resolve their technology issues whilst also making a living as an IT consultant.

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