Richard Koranteng

Disabling Transparent HugePages On RHEL 7

Transparent HugePages (THP) memory is different from standard HugePages memory because the kernel thread allocates memory dynamically during runtime. Standard HugePages memory is pre-allocated at startup, and does not change during runtime. This dynamic memory allocation of THP can cause memory allocation delays during runtime. To avoid performance issues, Oracle recommends that you disable THP on all Oracle Database servers. Oracle recommends that you instead use standard HugePages for enhanced performance.

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I Am Happy AWS Is Leaving Oracle

As you all know, I’m a huge advocate for Oracle’s database technologies and Amazon Web Services IaaS platform. There is no denying that these two corporations have built awesome systems that can be leveraged to support enterprises of all sizes – it’s like a perfect relationship. However, there is trouble in tech paradise.  AWS CEO Andy Jassy says Amazon will be off Oracle databases by the end of 2019. What does this breakup really mean and why should you be excited about it?

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How to Add Value On Every Project

IT Consulting can be challenging, especially when you find yourself struggling to show your value in a multi-vendor consulting engagement. Most companies rely on different consulting firms and contractors in order to achieve their technology goals. Although this can be very beneficial to the company, it can also be difficult and chaotic for the consultants. Embracing the chaos is a must-have characteristic for an IT consultant, followed by these three simple rules on how to provide value.

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Avoid Office Politics

Skip The Office Drama And Focus On Your Skills

At some point in your career you are going to deal with combative co-workers or manipulative supervisors. These two types of people are your usual suspects in a toxic environment – an environment filled with office drama, power struggles, distrust, and alot of hallway gossip. Surviving in a toxic work environment, at least until you find your exist strategy, will require alot of discipline and patience. The advice and recommendations in this blog are based on the realities of overcoming a horrible work environment. 

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Secure Your Joomla Website With 2FA

I recently upgraded my Joomla! site to version 3.9.2. As I was reading through the post installation messages I noticed that Two-Factor Authentication was available. How exciting, finally another layer of security around user authentication. Apparently the Two-Factor Authentication was added to the Joomla! core as of version 3.2: I’m a little late to the game but this feature is so cool and easy to implement that I have to spread the word.

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Avoid The Employee Zone When Consulting

I’ve always considered my customer’s issues a priority, no matter how easy or challenging the issue may be. This approach has helped me establish great relationships with customers, however it has also been a source of frustration early in my career. Because of my relentless attitude towards resolving the issue, customers would conveniently put me in the “employee zone” – the zone where all their IT problems became my problem. As a consultant, being put in the “employee zone” is toxic primarily because of misaligned expectations.

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