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Deploying an Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) agent in silent mode is an alternative to deploying it using the “Add Host Targets” Wizard, but it has great advantages. While the “Add Host Targets” Wizard provides GUI-rich interview screens for providing all installation details, the silent mode is the preferred deployment strategy when leveraging automation.

What’s a Management Agent

The OEM Management Agent (commonly referred to as “agent”) is a software component that allows you to convert an un-managed host to a managed host in the Enterprise Manager system. Check out the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control documentation for more details on OEM architecture.

Deploy Agent

The following tasks/commands should be performed as the agent owner. For the purpose of this blog, I’m using ‘oracle’ OS user as the agent owner.

Before we start, make sure the agent software is made available to the un-managed host. By default the agent software will be on the OMS host. You can copy this agent software from the OMS host to the un-managed host. However, if you plan to install the agent on a platform that is different from the platform on which the OMS is deployed, then you must manually download the agent software for the intended platform. Follow the steps detailed in Oracle docs for acquiring management agent software.

Create a directory that will server as the agent base

$ mkdir -p /u01/agent13c/

Extract the agent software

$ mkdir -p ~/agentSetup
$ unzip -d ~/agentSetup

Create installation response file by adding the necessary lines in ‘~/agentSetup/agent.rsp’. Modify these entry values to fit your environment.


Install the agent

$ ~/agentSetup/agentDeploy.sh RESPONSE_FILE=~/agentSetup/agent.rsp AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/agent13c -ignorePrereqs

Confirm the agent is now installed and running. Start the agent if needed.

$ /u01/agent13c/agent_13. status agent
$ /u01/agent13c/agent_13. start agent

Run the following command to see a message that confirms that EMD upload completed successfully

$ /u01/agent13c/agent_13. upload agent