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I’ve always enjoyed helping people achieve their career goals –  it’s actually one of my life’s mission. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn alot throughout my years working as an IT professional and people want to learn from my experience. Believe it or not, it did not sink in that public speaking would be a great way for me to provide value by combining my passion for career coaching and my technology expertise.


Third quarter of 2019 opened my eyes to another way of providing value. My brother Sean and I thought it would be cool to hold a seminar to share strategies that helped him get paid internships, start a business, secure his first client, and become president of the Data and Cloud Computing Society – all while completing his senior year at Bowie State University. He wanted me to join him and share my experience as to what employers want from college grads. Fast forward, College-to-Corporate (that’s what named our first seminar) went really well. We had eight college students in attendance, which seemed like a phenomenal number for us. Our goal for this seminar was to give college students winning strategies on becoming highly marketable for the corporate world. We did so well that we got an invitation from All Eyez (a professional development organization at the University of Maryland College Park) to come hold the College-to-Corporate seminar at one of their workshops.

The Modern Professional

We noticed an interesting dilemma during our College-to-Corporate seminars – some of the most ambitious people in the room were clueless about how technology can be leveraged to achieve their career goals. They were frustrated because none of the job fairs or networking events were yielding positive results. My brother and I had another seminar idea. We decided to hold a seminar called The Modern Professional, where we would discuss winning habits and techniques to succeed in the 21st century workforce – simple strategies such as using LinkedIn effectively to land new opportunities,  Again, this was a great seminar and we had a great turnout with alot of audience engagement.

I enjoy public speaking and it has allowed me to continue providing value. Sean and I are planning to start video recording our seminars and making it available on YouTube…stay tuned.