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Install Oracle VM Server 2.0 on Exalytics X4-4

This blog will guide you through the process of installing Oracle VM Server (OVS) 2.0 on Exalytics X4-4. Once this step is completed, you can install Oracle VM Manager. The Oracle VM Server (OVS) is a managed virtualization environment providing a lightweight, secure, server platform which runs virtual machines, also known as domains. At least one Oracle VM Server is required, but several are needed to take advantage of clustering. Oracle VM Server is installed on a bare metal computer, and contains the Oracle VM Agent to manage communication with Oracle VM Manager. This article assumes that the Exalytics machine is setup and ILOM IP addresses are configured

Download Software

Install Oracle VM Server

Navigate to edelivery to download and unzip Oracle Exalytics Base Image for Exalytics Oracle VM x86-64 (Part number V76307-01)

The zip file contains the following iso files:

  • Exalytics_2.<DATE>.iso:
    • You use this iso file to install Oracle VM Server 3.2.9 on an X2-4 or X3-4 Exalytics Machine.
  • Exalytics_2.<DATE>.iso:
    • You use this iso file to install Oracle VM Server 3.2.9 on an X4-4 Exalytics Machine.

On the Exalytics Machine, connect and log on to Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM).

Under Remote Control -> select Redirection -> select Use Video redirection -> select Launch Remote Console

From the menu bar select KVM -> select Storage -> click Add to link to the Oracle VM Server image

Expand Host Management -> select Host Control -> in the Next Boot Device  list -> select CDROM

Restart the machine by  selecting Host Management -> select Power Control -> in the Select Action list, select Power Cycle then click Save

The Exalytics machine restarts and displays the Oracle VM Server screen. Press Enter to install Oracle VM Server

After the Oracle VM Server is installed, the Exalytics Machine restarts automatically

Post Installation Tasks

Type Alt+F2 to login to console (as OS root user)

Edit network file with necessary details

# vi /etc/sysconfig/network

Configure network interface with necessary details. In this case I am using eth0 (not bond0)

# vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Edit hosts file with necessary details

# vi /etc/hosts

Edit resolv.conf file with necessary details

# vi /etc/resolv.conf

In ILOM, expand Host Management then select Power Cycle. In the Selection Action list, select Power Cycle.  Then click Save.

At this point Oracle VM Server (OVS) install is complete. At this point you can proceed to install Oracle VM Manager (OVM)